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At C-re-aid we are offering internship positions in the framework of studies, internships, or specific experience in the field. We are always looking for talented, adaptive, and creative people with construction, engineering, or architectural backgrounds.

Internships run for a period of either 1, 2 or 3 months and are focused on the following topics;

  • Research of alternative building materials


  • Design of affordable housing 


  • Design, construction, and supervision of small scale community buildings


  • Design, construction, and supervision of infrastructure for healthcare, education or sanitation

Depending on the timing and location that you join our program, you will work on one or more of the above-mentioned topics.


We also accept students and interns from different backgrounds and professional ambitions to conduct their fieldwork or research in Tanzania with their own topic of choice.  We welcome research students who would like to carry out their fieldwork for their dissertation/thesis or other academic papers on topics relevant to the location, environment, and cultural situation we are working in. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Available internship locations:



  • For our internship placements, we kindly request a payment donation of 300€/Month to C-re-aid organisation, which includes: 

   - Accommodation, Office Wifi, cleaning and laundry service, transport to and from the construction sites, food while on construction site, guidance from our experienced C-re-aid team, and administration costs.

These payments also cover the material and construction costs of the projects you will be working on.

If you are interested in volunteering but have more questions please email us at


To apply directly for an internship position; click on apply here:


Stay tuned in to find out more about our new location!

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