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C-re-aid, established in 2012, is an architectural NGO dedicated to exploring the possibilities of responsible building practices and materials; to promote long-term socio-economic and environmental improvement across East Africa.

Through our research and projects, C-re-aid hopes to ensure that individuals have access to sustainable, ecological, and affordable building methods. We strongly believe that architecture has the potential to reach far beyond purely aesthetic enhancements.

C-re-aid sees responsible construction practices as a means of laying the literal foundations for long-term socio-economic benefits.

C-re-aid tasks itself with exploring the possibilities of responsible architecture. We hope to make sustainable and ecological building methods and materials accessible to all; in turn, triggering socio-economic improvements within communities experiencing hardship.

We achieve the objectives of this mission through close collaboration with village leaders, our partner communities, and NGOs; as well as our international network of beneficiaries and universities.


Our multinational team is fully committed to the consistent development of the organization; in order to achieve our vision. Our team is reinforced by short term student researchers and interns who contribute their efforts and time to the organization while they are with us. The students and volunteers also support the projects they work on financially by fundraising before they arrive. 

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C-re-aid has acquired the know-how to translate our ambitious designs into affordable, yet sustainable buildings.

The key to success is to be surrounded by motivated and good designers and constructors. We have focussed to train young architects and local craftsmen into the techniques that make C-re-aid who we are. 

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In a world where architects want to be “more creative” and “more innovative”, C-re-aid wants to bring it back to reality to serve those in need.

We do this by creating a simple design that is complex through the use of ecologically responsible materials, whilst also reducing/ limiting costs.


C-re-aid is developing building techniques from locally sourced materials. We believe in commercializing, popularising and modernizing these ecological building techniques in order to achieve a sustainable building culture.

Additionally, our materials are affordable which enables us to target people from different financial backgrounds.

C-re-aid Around the World

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A Special

thanks to all of you! 

Your work and contributions are extremely valued within C-re-aid.

You have made it possible!

Yannick Beauclercq, BE

Maury Lintermans, BE

Johanna Katharina, GE

Kjell Keymolen, BE

Lisa De Vos, BE

Jebbe Houttekier, BE

Pascale Willems, BE

Mathias Cornille, BE

Alison Taylor, BE

Cony Chang, TW

Seher Cakti, BE

Marlies Struyf, BE

Ellen Cleemput, BE

Ella Van den Bossche, BE

Eva Capova, SL

Marie Heyvaert, BE

Louise Van Eecke, BE

Camille Van de Putte, BE

Maurane Colson, BE

Stephanie Van Linden, BE

Christophe De Ridder, BE

Carmen Martens, BE

Nele De Mets, BE

Veronique Vincent-Genod, FR

Edgar Baki, TZ

Pieter Dockx, BE

Nancy Arbogast , TZ

Laia Garcia Fernandez, SP

Floris Akkermans, BE

Femke Verheyen, BE

Jakob Raemaekers, BE

Stijn Pottier,  BE

Isabelle leempoels, BE

Fleur Weber, UK

Helena Sileghem, BE

Jens Vandevyvere, BE

Chris Camilleri, Malta

Dries Pottier, BE

Emilie Marjolette, FR

Lies De Cat, BE

Hanne Werquin, BE

Marianne Ghoos, BE

Seppe Mees, BE

Mireille Koricisa, BI

Willeke Vanherreweghe, BE

Cristina Catalanotti, IT

Ellen Fievez, BE

Alberto Piccioli, IT

Jens Depelchin, BE

Sophie Cloes, BE

Chris Banning, FR

Heleen Rotiers, BE

Suzan Martens, BE

Lineia Caldeira, MZ

Lisa Ulrich, DE

Marta Ardigo, IT

Guillermo Galvez, SP

Loreto Corisco.SP

Julieta Echave, AR

Laia Garcia, SP

Ana Alonso, MX

Thomas Stoffelen, BE

Charlotte Coupille, BE

Joseph Bategereza, TZ

Vincent Baisnee, FR

Amal Dirie, CA

Laura Schuyesmans, BE

Christelle Khoury, LB

Bram Ivan, BE

Gabriel O'donovan, SA

Jens Geukens, BE

Ema Jovanovic, HR

Ciaran Long, IE

Maeve Counihan, IE

Esther Mbibo, TZ


VTI Brugge, BE

Odisee Aalst; BE

Kogeka Geel, BE

Bouworde vzw, BE

Michela Gessani, IT

Alessia Macchiavello, IT

Jane Mattan, BE

Maura Schmitt, GE

Pierre Maccario, FR

Anja lindberg, SE

Robbe Vandenberghe, BE

Robbe Stalpaert, BE

Arian Vanaki,  IR

Lucie Dick, UK

Katie O'sullivan, UK

Matheo Fradet, FR

Catherine Sinclair, UK

Cecilia Tramutola, IT

Claudio Masaro, IT

Marianna Svanberg,SE

Claire Krejcisz, NZ



Sam De Smedt, BE

Mathias Vandenberghe, BE

Vincent de Smet, BE

Tim Anderson, UK

Janeth Madauda,TZ

Gianmarco Maina, CH

Jennifer Marr, GE

Jolien Caerels, BE

Huw Jones, UK

Keanu Praet, BE

Elisa Tangheroni, IT

Kaat de Ploey, BE

Estelle Guitay, FR

Barne Haferkamp, GE

Laurine Martin, FR

Ludivine Obiejesi, FR

Lightness Naiman,TZ
















and many more

Over 200 

students, interns, and volunteers, from all around the world,  have joined C-re-aid in the past years.

Board of Directors in Belgium

Tanzania Team

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