About the book

We are excited to present our first book, closely related to our 2020 Competition:  "Earth Architecture Competition Book". 

C-re-aid launched its first design+build competition in partnership with Jubilant School and Orphanage located in the Kilimanjaro Region.

The competition gives participants the opportunity to work on the design and construction of a nursery school for orphans from 3 to 6 years old in Moshi rural. The main aim of this project is to create a sustainable space where kids can start their educational journey feeling at home; A space to learn, discover, and play.


Sneakpeak of what is inside

  • Context and information of schools in Tanzania.

  • Interviews with the winners and special mentions of the Competition.

  • Short Articles from our Jury Members  (Names + Departments) on a related topic of school buildings, East-African architecture, and Ecological building techniques.

  • 5 detailed project presentations from the Competition's winners.

  • Over 20 project competition presentations of our finalists (final competition boards).

  • Elaborated information and technical specifications of CEB (compressed earth blocks) construction.

  • Tons of inspiration and insights from the C-re-aid team on what to focus on when designing in East-Africa.