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Blue xanax bars

Blue xanax bars are the generic form of the drug and sometimes have the number b707 imprinted on them. The strength of blue xanax bars are 2mg and they are similar in effects to the white ones. The street name for this kind of xanax bar is yellow school bus on account of the color and shape. The 2-mg blue xanax bars typically cost $4 each and are considered stronger than the green or white xanax bars.

What is the use of Blue Xanax bars?

The tablets of Blue Xanax bars are rectangular-shaped medication pills that usually weigh 2 milligrams in strength. It is a brand name drug that belongs to the group of Benzodiazepine, which is highly effective on psychological disorders. Doctors generally prescribe Blue Xanax bars B707 (unique imprint) to overcome the problematic situation of panic disorder and anxiety issues. It is even helpful in treating symptoms that are not easily manageable with a lower dose of Xanax.

Are there any side effects of Blue Xanax bars B707?

There are several Benzodiazepine drugs that are useful in the treatment of psychological issues. They affect the GABA cells inside your brain and make you feel back to normal conditions. When you take Blue Xanax bar in its 2mg form, the drug can have severe aftereffects on your health.

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